Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Monday Funday

Rob has/had an iffy knee decide to go East, as in his left leg began to bow. This trick saved us a little bit of money. Not that I recommend it as an idea to save a buck...kind of extreme, ya know? Anyhow, because his knee was so clearly trashed he didn't have a need for excess imaging for diagnosis nor did he need physical therapy in an attempt to avoid surgery.

So yesterday he got a new knee. He is bionic now. Cool on so many levels until the bill comes, or the numbness wears off. Ha Ha. 

A few of the highlights are pictured. 

A) My discovery upon seeing my legs in brilliant white lighting that I did not apply my self tanner evenly. Awkward. 

B) It's somewhat comforting to know that everyone who touches your loved one is obsessed about which body part they will be touching. The Sharpie YES on his hairy thigh was a nice touch. 

C) The kids love that Dad who may or may not be prone to accidents now has a bright yellow wristband labeling him as a fall risk 

D) The unpleasant flock of circling buzzards over the hospital. EWW