Monday, August 31, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Tell Me I'm Incorrect, That I Totally Didn't Hear This.....

This isn't a just a pretty picture.

I feel disgusted and horrified about something I heard in my office today.

This is going to be shared as delicately as I can while still getting the point across.

It seems that not only is my region extremely wealthy in STD's but that there is a new implication I hadn't even considered. A co-worker shared some information she'd received from a colleague. Throat and head cancer are rampant in twenty-something females secondary to the Human Papilloma Virus also know as HPV.

Seriously. And that folks have wanted to bring a seminar to schools to warn high school students of this new quirk or perk of revolving partners. And they were turned down.

But letting kids know that they can abstain is evil?