Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Serials and Scenarios - A Passion Most Pure

My Review:

Julie Lessman has written a novel that smacks of history but could almost occur in modern times. In it are the classic elements of love- unrequited and shared, betrayal, lust, sibling rivalry, loss, war, sorrow and elation.

Even though I guessed correctly at the way a few scenarios played out, I didn't find out if I was right until the last few pages. This is a long novel and it covers stretches of time. I found myself liking a character and then developing issues with said character and not liking him/her so much after all, only to come back around to understanding and accepting the character's issues. Which is a really good indicator that Lessman's characters are complex enough to suck you into their world.
Passion is a little steamier than a lot of Christian romances, so I wouldn't classify it as a romance. The historical crowd will likely have issues with the modern speech. However, some who won't read historical because of the more stilted style may jump on Passion and devour it.