Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Talk Like a Pirate Day --- And All The Tea in China

Can I sleep tonight without giving a hearty nod to National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Argh! I think not!

If'n you like rollicking pirate adventures, and ya know me do...hare's one more link for the clickin.

All the Tea in China... sounds like a book for landlubbering wenches. But the pirate scene warmed me up like two-week old grog puddin and put a pillaging gleam in me eye.

If''n ya aren't a yellow-belly, go check it out. Argh!

Go on. Whaterya waitin for?

Serials and Scenarios - The Ex-Files

Victoria Christopher Murray's latest release, The Ex-Files is appearing on the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance this week.

Click on Victoria's name and/or on the book cover to visit sites with more info.

My Review

I haven't read a racier Christian novel this year. Spicy, embarrassingly so, in some spots. But also gritty in consequences and pain. Almost feels like the voyeuristic blush I get when reading Song of Solomon, or some of "those" passages in the prophets.

Four characters each face the end of a relationship -- a mistress, and three wives. All relationships are devastated by sinful choices and are full of the fallout of consequence. Each of the four women handles her situation in a unique way or blend of dysfunction. One grows icy cold, another gives up, a third comes out fighting. In the end we see some healing and growth that comes from internal surgery brought about through the characters pain.

The storytelling is fabulous. Some passive writing is the major mechanical flaw but the story certainly overcomes this minor issue.

The Ex-Files made me squirm and judge and then fall under conviction. I think those of us who've been in the church for a long time will be more horrified at these "Christian" ladies behaviors because they are so obviously blatant in their choices. But after we've been steeped in religion, our sins tend to be more subtle, becoming attitudes or whispers. The Ex-File reminded me that these "lesser sins" also need to be put under Christ's Lordship and forgiven as they are indeed ugly sins.

You may not be ready to read this book. Don't give it to Grandma for Christmas without checking out a few pages yourself. Certainly don't leave it lying around for a bored twelve-year-old.

Please don't overlook or discount the lessons in this book of parables. The outloud sins of the characters and the lavish grace of Jesus's forgiveness may call some who struggle deeply with sin strongholds into giving those patterns to Christ. Prodigals may benefit, older teens (very mature – this is PG-13+) may benefit from seeing the internal, emotional consequences of the drama lifestyle.

If you're looking for gritty and edgy Christian fiction – you might want to look into The Ex-Files.