Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Saturday Musings Whilst I Wait

I'm going to a baby shower today. My family and extended network of people seem to be raining babies. Today we celebrate number three in the last seven months. This little soon-to-be-born-one is a male (I've seen the evidence -- ultrasounds are pretty cool.)What a miracle babies are, and what a sign of hope.

So while I wait for a very sleepy teen to crawl out of bed (yes, it is 12:39 p.m. as I type this and she is still in bed) and for adult working daughter to get off of work, I thought I'd share some random thoughts.

Wednesday night was a college age post-church gathering. (I have no idea why I was there...maybe they think something might rub off on me. ) Our interim youth pastor, the only male present, played on the putting green for awhile then joined the females for the food. The brownies turned out a little different than usual because they were baked in a convection oven. My daughter-in-law is an appliance expert so she explained the difference between convection and traditional ovens. The youth pastor listened, added a few words and then grew silent.

As the conversation moved on he leaned forward. "Hey, you know if you stand to close to a convection oven you'll feel guilty?"

All eyes turned toward him. "Huh?"

He smiled. "Oh, no, that's a conviction oven." Then he laughed.

I think I like this guy.

As we draw closer to tax day I'm finding it a little harder to embrace reality with joy and contentment. After shedding a few tears in a mini-meltdown last night, I've decided I need to focus on today, one day at a time.

So, today, I know the sun is shining behind the clouds. I know that God is in control and that He loves me. I know that He has solutions and plans that my mind can't even begin to ponder. Even though several things like foundering businesses and lack of steady money and big tax bills due are hanging over our heads, I'm trusting that God will provide. He has been for three months. Every bill we have has been paid even though we are lacking at least a third of our usual income. Trust me, this is a miracle.

Thanks, God, for the miracles You are providing, and thank You that you will see us through this thing that seems so huge but is in reality, compared to you, nothing. Thank you for laughter and for babies and for hope.

I hope you experience God's abundant blessings this weekend.