Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Road Trippin with Gratitude

Our Easter weekend was rich with sensory details. 

I took a whirlwind trip (10 hours) to Kansas City with Lindsey and & (the Vegan cheese girls) to help with an Arbonne party. Why would I go to Kansas City to help with an Arbonne party? Well, because I'm an Arbonne girl, now. (A mature woman, extremely professional and mature, actually.) I'm a huge fan of the products and the business is as good or better than the products. Just sayin. And feel free to ask questions about either one. 

But I digress. The cheese girls went along for moral support and because Cafe Gratitude was exactly 25 minutes away from our party. We not only managed a meal at Cafe Gratitude, but a side trip visit to FUD for a shared dessert. Oh, and hit a cute shop that looked like &'s Pinterest board. 

Anyhoo, I digress again. 

If you happen to be Vegan, vegetarian or love flavorful food served with charming quirk... and passing through Kansas City, give Cafe Gratitude a shot. I'm pretty sure you'll leave as impressed as we were. And full. 

We split one of the bowls. Not sure what it was called. I'm E-something. Each of the names is an I statement...or I'm statement. Like I'm Amazed. I'm Beautiful, I'm Positive, I'm Upbeat, I'm Creative. And none of those may actually be the names of the dishes. However, whatever I'mer's we chowed were delicious. Like I said, we split a brown rice/quinoa bowl of deliciousness....and a CLT (Coconut Bacon) YUM sandwich with the best black bean soup ever. And shared a raw nacho appetizer with a blob of -bury-your-face-in-it's-so-stinkin-good guacamole.  

Fud was a few blocks away. Would have loved hoofing it there and checking out the quirky neighborhood, but we did have a reason to be in KC, and time was ticking, so we drove. 

We shared a Vegan brownie sundae. Cashew ice cream and nine toppings. That sucker was amazing. Seriously. Nuts, chocolate and caramel drizzle, goji berries, blueberries. So good. 

Highly recommended by all three of us. And Kansas City is seriously just three hours away. Who knows what might end up happening there that will need our time and attention, ya know. Also. Heard IKEA is opening up there, too. Hello!