Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Recipe, Recipe....Please Don't Drink This

This weekend I made a drywall mud 5 gallon bucketful of laundry soap. How you might ask...and what's with the picture you could ponder. Well, the how is below. The picture is a gold spray-painted recycled frame, some new kitchen drywall and the fruit basket to hold up said frame. And the recycled pickle jar home of about 24 oz of said laundry detergent.

1/2 cup borax (Found in a box near the bleach) ($3.99 and this will make at least 9 batches.

1 cup washing soda (Not baking soda. Washing Soda which is made by Arm and Hammer and found near bleach.)($2.99 and it will make at least 7 was harder to find. Not at Target...hint, hint should any Target buyers read my blog.)

1 bar of soap. (We used an organic lavender/vanilla scented bar. And we grated it with a cheese grater...)

Grate the soap into four cups of water you've already poured into a five gallon bucket. (Took just a few minutes, really easy to grate). Stir soap til melted... Add more warm water til bucket is half full. Add the borax and washing soda and mix. Fill the bucket to the top with more warm water. Stir. Cover and let sit for 24 or so hours. Stir again and then place into smaller containers if you so desire. (Note. it is kind of a funky gelish texture. It's watery and a little gloopy but becomes more consistent as it sits). Use 1/4 Cup per load. There is also the option of adding a few drops of essential oil for scent but if you use an organic scented bar you've covered it.

I had a friend give me some of this a few months ago and I used it. I didn't see any difference cleaning wise. She told me it was easy. And I assumed she wouldn't lie but I didn't know HOW EASY it was. Seriously. And for the cost of about $11.00 I've got 5 gallons of detergent and will only have to buy a $5.00 bar of soap the next several times I make it before having to part with another $6.00. I don't think you could get much cheaper. Plus. It's got no additives.