Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Veggietalk

Things you might overhear at an organic CSA pack.

"Don't forget to grab all the discards you want from the pile."

"The white ones are thin-skinned." 

"Uh oh, we have an extra bag. Who didn't get one?" This is a favorite, it is followed by the sound of several people going through 42+ boxes until either a) the box with the missing produce is found or b) we determine the count was over by one. It is a standard statement. When there are six women packing about a dozen or more items into 40+ boxes, you can bet your bippy that it is blurted almost every week.

"So, then what did you put on it?  How long did you cook it?" 

"My spiralizer is on it's way."   Yes. We talk about food. Quite a bit. And how we like to prepare it. And sales of spiralizers have spiked in the past few weeks.

"That one's weeping. Get rid of it!"
"If it's crying, clearly it's upset, getting rid of it just seems cruel." 

"And this one is thin-skinned. Chuck it." 
"So there is no room for weak tomatoes, is that what you are saying?"   Many, many sarcastic and goofy comments are made and we are usually tired, dirty and punchy enough we laugh hysterically.

"How many half share boxes again?" 

"Who's box is missing? Someone read the list again." 

"Those cucumber beetles are a scourge this year. No more sweet corn, they ate the silk." 

"The basil got burnt!"

"Snack time?" "When is Costco going to get the Ghiradelli chocolate chips back?" Farmer number two packs each helper a baggie of dried fruit and almonds (and the above mentioned chocolate when available.) After a few hours of intense and sometimes dirty, nasty work, these baggies almost bring us back to life. There may even have been tears of gratitude during some packs. She also brings tea which we manage to guzzle with gusto, too.

"Look at this __________fill in the blank, radish, tomato, etc. __________________? Isn't it beautiful?"