Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Serials and Scenarios ~ Book Update ~ A Little Somethin Somethin Tossed in the Frying Pan

So I'm learning stuff about editing. 

Stuff. Have you ever considered how useful that word is? So descriptive. 

What I'm learning is that when someone points out a glaring issue in your manuscript, you have to get really creative and rework massive amounts of prose. 

Case in point:

One of our lovely critique partners didn't buy what we were selling. 

Our secondary characters develop a romance, and it moved way too quick in her estimation. Michelle and I reread the scenes through our critter's eyes and yup, she was right. I wouldn't buy it either. 

So we had to layer an additional plot line into the mix and go back and revisit several scenes to add hints and foreshadowing and layers so it is now believable. 

It's kind of fun. It certainly made the relationship richer and I love that, and it was a puzzle to solve and that was kind of fun, too. 

I have one more scene to tweak and then I can reread all my scenes to make sure it makes sense to me then it's headed to our next victim critiquer. Michelle tells me she's ruthless. Yikes. I may learn a ton of STUFF before this process is over.