Monday, July 12, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Skewered

The final personality/kitchen tool of summer's nicest tools. The skewer.

When the garden is producing (or the farmer's market is fully ripened) the plethora of colorful vegetables is endless. And one runs out of a way to prepare them. You can only do so many salads in a week's time.

Enter the skewer. This bad boy has a special hold the veggie chunks and meat blobs on its metal core while the BBQ grill does its magic. The skewer, of course, has other faces ... it can be sweet (think dessert fondue or fruit kabobs). The skewer is even international (satay).

So what personality type is a skewer? A determined, to the point no-nonsense kind of a person. A choleric to be exact. Driven by a focused passion these individuals get a bead on a situation and go right for the heart of the matter. These are the folks you want to run meetings and head up corporations.

However, no matter how many marshmallows their skewer may run through, there's not a lot of soft in a choleric. And that can definitely be a detriment to relationships. Cholerics can help a sanguine stop spinning, a melancholy to cool down and stop throwing more junk into the pot, and can add a little heated focus to a phlegmatic. But, while attempting to do that skewer-style a choleric can do a little more hole-poking than helping. And the pointy tip of the passion can be even a bigger problem. When the passion runs through people...aiyiyi...little skewers...use your power for good!!!!