Friday, October 20, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Karen Kingsbury - Like Dandelion Dust

A momentary rest from the ski saga.
Hope you can make it through the weekend without knowing where I ended up.

Karen Kingsbury is this week’s author of interest.

I haven’t read her new book “Like Dandelion Dust” but I like the title. I’d give it a 8.2 out of 10, but I’m fond of alliteration (must be the poet in me – ha).

I’ve read one Karen Kingsbury novel – “A Time to Dance.” A well-written, heart-wrenching novel that stayed with me for quite awhile.

My daughter developed a love/hate relationship with “One Tuesday Morning.” When whimpering floats from the living room it's a good sign my daughter is reading Karen. Karen should take this as a compliment since my daughter chooses titles carefully.

Visit Amazon for reviews of “Like Dandelion Dust”

and Karen’s Website to get to know her and the rest of her books.

Have a great weekend.