Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scribbles and Scribbles ~ Passhave Aggressive Much?

So I'm going to tell on a co-worker or 2. Wait....maybe it's not a co-worker, actually, let's just say an acquaintance to avoid any unnecessary angst. 

I'll start over. There is a certain person whom a circle of friends/acquaintances know. This person has annoyed said circle. We will now refer to this person as Exhibit A. The circle will be The Circle. 

Exhibit A has something over The Circle but is kinda likeable so #it's complicated. 

Exhibit A loves bubble wrap. One of The Circle members who may or may not have been kissing up...whom am I to judge...left a large piece of bubble wrap on a table within the usual path of Exhibit A. 

Another of The Circle members crossed said path and began popping bubbles. I mentioned I thought it was some sort of peace/love/boot licking offering for Exhibit A. The other Circle member began popping in earnest. 

"Is this a passive aggressive statement you are making? So and so left you bubble wrap....oops I guess someone took all the joy out of it for you like you have sucked the joy from the lives of The Circle!" 

We laughed. The Circle member put down the bubble wrap and we returned to our area. Another Circle member came by.  We told this person what transpired. Hmmm "what if we just put tiny holes in each bubble. Revenge without actually popping?" 

The Circle has a new queen. We will bow to her and watch our backs.