Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Remembered

The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is touring Tamera Alexander's Remembered.

Click on the book cover to visit Amazon and here to visit Tamera's website.

And now for the review...

Remembered follows along the same path forged by Rekindled and Revealed. Readers of the Fountain Creek Chronicles should not be disappointed with Remembered's very different story. Familiar characters return adding to the tale for those who've read the series.

Romance lovers, historical fans and those who look for solid, realistic, inspirational fiction will find much to like in Tamera Alexander's third novel.

Veronique Girard travels from France to Fountain Creek...against her wishes. Forced by an emotional request from her dying mother and a city in turmoil, she leaves to seek her long-lost father.

She finds far more than she bargained for. And more than she'd hoped for in this easy to read, sweet story.

Tamera has the dregs questions...come back Friday for the answers.

Scribble and Scrambles - Creature Update

Feral Will


Lily and Lola

Our monster puppies are growing. Of course I don't have updated pictures at the moment, this was snapped a month ago. They may have doubled in size since then. For sure, they have tripled in size since they dropped into our lives.

Feral Will delights in teasing the puppies which makes for a load of fun trying to keep him from being enthusiastically stomped in return.
This morning, as the puppy owner and I prayed, I wondered if the gift of tongues had anointed her. All of a sudden, while she was praying for the details of our day, she grew more vocal than normal, uttering words in stage whispers and growls. But it turns out she was simply multitaskingly disciplining wrestling puppies who were curious about the coffee mugs on the table and Feral Will who played hide and seek, unfairly and with cruel intentions.
Oh, yeah, there's a whole lot more life in the house lately.