Thursday, February 11, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Goal(s)?

I revealed a few goals I had for January. 


I filled five bags that have now exited my house. Yay. 

I also did get three articles started for Out of the Frying Pan's blog tour. And through a friend, I scored several more opportunities. And inspired by that I went ahead and asked four more of my favorite book review bloggers to put Out of the Frying Pan on their radars. Win. Win. 

Violin. UGH! Total fail. I practiced once. In a whole month. I did have a lesson, too, and maybe got some more insight and help trying to figure things out. But. Fail nonetheless. 

February Goals (even though we are almost two weeks in). 

Going to go big. Three more articles and/or Q and A's for the virtual book tour. 

Three more bags/boxes of unwanted/unneededs. 

Violin. Focus on memorizing key signatures. Practice three times. 

Survive living well with a man with no knee. And working on my caretaker skills.