Monday, June 13, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Monday, Monday, Update

We had quite the Saturday. I slept in. Nice! And then we met a friend with a Costco membership for a look-see. I'm pretty sure we'll be getting our own membership, and leaving poor Sam's Club. Some of the products and prices were pretty tempting and they have quite a bit of organic produce and products.

Then we went to the big outdoor annual art fair. Lots of fun. The weather was perfect. But there was a bizarre little theme. A large octopus...and a man with barnacles on his legs. Odd.

But I don't think they were conne each other or the wedding party. The barnacles were actually instruments. And the wedding party...not sure if they were art fans or didn't check the city calendar before planning the wedding. And I didn't even try to figure out the huge psychedelic octopus.

Finally, we traveled to the highest spot in the city and looked out over the flooded parts and pieces all around us. I have included a picture of the same spot from a few
years ago (not exactly the same same, but close enough.) There is water that is threatening a lot of homes and businesses in the lower lying areas of our city. It's done some serious damage to some smaller towns near us. It's pretty overwhelming to see it. And it was crowded, too. Hundreds of people were there checking out the water levels.