Thursday, October 07, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ 10 Things

...that make me happy. Dedicated to Plinky the website that suggests filler for bloggers with toast for brains.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy.

Not in any specific order, just as they pop into my head.

1. My family. Clearly, they are not so random and would appear in the top two... I love spending time with my family. My kids are amazing. I like them, I love them, they make me laugh and make me proud. My hubby. He's my soulmate. I've loved him in one form or another since I was fourteen.

2. My faith in Jesus. Okay. It doesn't always make me happy. Often it rips and shreds and demands that I behave not as I feel but as I know I should. But in the long run. That does make me happy. I hate having things that I need to take care of, people to apologize to yet again, and knowing that I spent time in the potholes of the low road. And He has given me the road map to avoid those pot holes...

3. My friends. Every one of them adds to my life. From my Mom to my daughters, and my blogging friends to my Sunday hug buddies. People enrich my life.

4. My pets. There is either a spike in blood pressure when they are driving me crazy or a warm body to curl up with when I've had a bad day.

5. My house. It's so not done. And hardly ever something I'd want photographed. But it is ours and it has become a home. Full of warts and creaks and cobwebby crevices.... along the lines of the people who live in it.

6. My location. I've been to the blue ocean white sand beaches, tall, pine-covered mountains, climates that barely change, and cities that don't do a lot of sleeping. I consider Iowa to be home, and absolutely beautiful. There is nothing that beats a bright blue Indian Summer October sky. And if it happens to be an off day in Iowa, change is just around the corner.

7. Beauty makes me happy. Whether a song, a flower, art, words, a person's heart, a hug. They are all beautiful and they fill my soul. Art. Not all, of course, but people using their creativity to try to demonstrate emotion through the beauty of song, pencil, paint or words. Yes.

8. Laughter. And laughing with someone else, being on the same page. Enjoying the ridiculousness of life.

9. Courage. People who stand up and do the right thing, no matter the cost. A happy tinged inspiration.

10. Love. It encompasses and pulls all of these elements into something that can't be defined by words. But it makes the deepest, deepest part of me happy.