Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Color Me Annoyed


I spent no less than twenty minutes looking for a shirt I wanted to wear today.

This is picture is PART of my closet. There are as many blue, gray and black upper body garments hanging under this rainbow of clothing.

Why? Twenty minutes? It's not like these don't fit. Oh, they all fit. It's not like I have a bunch of things I HATE in my closet. I'm actually pretty good at donating things I HATE.

My office is beastly hot most mornings. It has to be 80 on a really bad morning. Okay. That's not a huge deal, many of you would say it sounds like a dream, well, I'm not one of you, and it's too hot. So. Rather than sweat all day I avoid cardigans and sweaters. But I'm not giving up the cute cardigans I love and wear on weekends, so this issue rules out 1/3 of what is hanging in my closet.

Color. Some days you just want to be bright and fun, quirky or eclectic. Today I wanted to wear polka dots. Some days I prefer the simple canvas of black and gray. But today was a polka dot day. And my favorite polka dot shirt is a full swingy brown and cream polka-dotted baby doll top that happens to be sleeveless. The problem came with putting a sleeved item with it. Nothing looked good with it. And I tried five or six different options. So sad. So now I'm not wearing polka dots.

But, good news, I am wearing clothes.