Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Happy, Happy, Whipping

Sanguine is the next temperament I'm going to attempt to squeeze into a mere kitchen tool.

Sanguine is the party personality, the stay out late and sleep-in, pass the chips and dip temperament. Easily distracted, but oh-so-much fun. Short projects, tiny deadlines, things requiring direct, positive and to-the-point details, sanguines are your team cheerleaders.

So I've decided the kitchen whip is my best picture of sanguine.

Whips are used to froth, fill with air, fold and usually make some awesome party food. A meringue? You gotta whip it. Souffle? Ditto.

You aren't going to use the whip for comfort foods like stews and sauces or casseroles. You won't need a whip when preparing dinner or for grilling out. But, the whip brings color, sweetness and fun via sides and desserts. A party isn't a party without something fluffed or folded. Not essential to the basics or life and death issues, but essential for life as it is designed to be lived with colors, spices, scents, laughter and joy.

Kind of makes me want to go hang out with a sanguine. Just for a fresh breath, a new way of looking at things. Whip in the new and whoosh out the old air, quit looking at the clock and the deadlines and responsibilities for a bit.