Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Recipe Trial ~ Winner/Loser Find Out Tomorrow ~ Vegan MoFo# 9

No recipe today. Just the promise of a really good cake...fingers crossed...tomorrow.

My daughter's, known here as &, birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Kid &! She asked for a layer cake. A special one with sweet coconut whip frosting.

And since she made me a delicious chocolate peanut butter cake for my birthday I needed to come through big time. 

There is a local restaurant that puts out this amazing strawberry cream-covered concoction of deliciousness. And in my usual Martha Stewart wannabe (without the Martha gene) enthusiasm this is the cake I've decided to try to make for her. How else to celebrate a birthday - either grand success or an epic fail. Both are memorable. Right? 

The picture is of the cake layers as they cooled. I found four recipes for cake and ran them through my filters...always scary. Once I figured out the ratios and details to make the cake I Veganized the ingredients. Good sign, so far, that the layers are puffy and intact and the crumbs taste pretty fine. The frosting is whipped and waiting. What could go wrong?  

And if they do, well, she also asked me to come up with a Maple Pumpkin Monkey Bread sometime. Today is that day, or actually last night. It is currently baking and smells divine. 

Tomorrow, if all goes well, you will have a Strawberry Cream Cake recipe.