Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Humidity ~ Ahhh, Iowa.

It is supposed to reach 90 today.

So what I have committed to doing? This afternoon? In the hottest part of the day?

Helping at the organic farm. Today is pick, prep and box up the CSA (
Community Supported Agriculture) shares day. And one of the volunteers was unable to be there and 24 asked me to fill in and guess what I said?

In hindsight -- as I sit here and type this and already feel the humid/dense air of the early morning that should be crisp and cool since it's barely May -- wisdom would've checked the weather forecast before saying the Y-word.

But, being an Iowa girl, I can handle it. I'll pack some water in. Do a little whining, but power through it and hope I don't see the vultures circling. After all, I did do a few days of bean walking back in the day. I probably won't encounter any snakes, it'll be too darn hot for them. Right?