Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Rubbing in the Balmy

This photo was taken by my parents who happen to be visiting a balmy beach.

I'm not bitter, but I'm freezing. Today, the high was 16 degrees in Iowa. Apparently they experienced 77. I would post the photo of mom, on the beach, sunbathing, but I actually want to live a little longer.

In my parents' defense, they did mention in their e-mails that there was room for one more bird-brain to hang out with the herons and palm fronds. They even included an empty chaise lounge in the sunbathing picture with mention that it was all mine if I wanted it.

I know they are having a great time and they deserve to bask up the rays and relaxation and balmy temps. (Just wear that sunscreen, Mom.) Here's hoping they don't land during a snow storm.