Thursday, January 24, 2013

#14 QuitCHIR Hope...Always...

The tree is indeed an impressive creation. The smallest of stumps can sprout again. If the roots are alive the tree is, too. Trees also show the life they've lived through their very core. A ring forms and tells the story of the year, the hardships, the challenges and the inner strength of the tree. 

Resilience is not just for trees. Humans can bend but not break. Resilience means we can grow in spite of and through circumstances. Are you aware that the rings of your life tell a story of a life lived?

The droughts, the high winds, the rains will come. And scars are inevitable. But as long as there is growth, healing can come. If you are reading this you are alive. Where are your roots planted?

Hang in there. You might be working on the most impressive life ring yet.