Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ You Really Want to Know This...Right?

So. We took the camera to dog obedience class.

Did we take any pictures?

Any pictures of the dogs "Leaving It!" and "Taking It!" and "Placing!" ?

Any pictures of the two wending strolls around the store wherein we tested focusing skills by walking past cages of fluttering, chirping birds and eye-level tanks
of colorful, darting fish?

No. We stinking FORGOT we had the camera.

But, next week, maybe. Next week we may learn hand signals, because once again, we are ahead of the basic, into the intermediate, and AWESOME.

I do know that walking on the trails has become way more fun. We hardly trip over eight dog feet entangled with the four human fe
et. The pesky shoulder pain has lessened considerably and I dare say the calluses on our hands from the leash burns have softened a bit.

Here are two pictures...posed and for the teacher's "brag" board. We'll see what we can pull off next week.