Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Ha, Ha, Ah

Today must be fun with words day. I have gotten several really great jokes via e-mail.

Or I may just be in a bubbly kind of mood. Either way, I really love to laugh.

Sometimes it seems really callous to laugh and enjoy life when the economy is tenuous, when people are sick and dying, when endangered species are losing ground.

You know, all those things really bother me.

But I've spent a long time trying to right wrongs and fix people's brokenness. And I've learned that I can't fix people, nor can I truly right a wrong. Unless it's one I committed, but even then I'm limited.
I can offer arms to hug, fingers to wipe away tears, ears to listen, a heart to ache, and prayers. But I can't undo or restore anything.

I can rest and refresh in God. Receive joy in knowing the King of kings will give me an audience and listen to my needs and concerns.

Celestial artwork arrayed in the heavens delights my soul. God's creativity and sovereignty humble me and inspire me. I can offer what I have and who I am to those who need a touch from heaven. I can point to the God of the universe as their protector, strength and salvation.

I can delight in life's quirks and in people who are the epitome of quirk. I can laugh out loud and suck in life. I can dream and delight and savor. Part of me thinks that this is what I was created to do. Not walk a careful line, shaking my head at the wrongs in the world, but embracing with enthusiasm the rights.

I hope today brings you joy and a smile if not an outright har, har, har.