Thursday, April 18, 2013


It feels like the world is growing darker. Deception is piled up like steaming piles of excrement wherever we turn. Opinions are becoming so deeply ingrained that the only way to win an argument or make a point is through dramatic emotional attack or physical violence. 

Why does our society think screamed words or social media bullying or fists of fury are going to buy them respect, converts or supporters? Or is the crown "earned" when standing over a bloodied victim and donning the self-awarded title of King of the Mountain? 

I am so grateful for the glimpses of good that we can still see in the aftermaths. Those who treat others with respect and kindness....even if that other person doesn't agree or will ever agree. I am so grateful to see forgiveness change the darkness to dawn. I am awed by the moments where I witness true love for humanity and life. I'm encouraged by those who choose to get up every morning, in spite of their struggles, and make the effort to go out and face the day. And smile, and offer kind words, and a human touch, and hope in a very, very dark world. A small flame of light puncturing the darkness, adding a glimmer where there had been only dank.

There is the truth. Right? Life matters. Living it matters. Treating it as precious and fleeting and beautiful, even in the raw grittiness of it, matters. Please. As you struggle with your emotions and fears, your doubts and your sorrows today, remember that life matters so much. And that the way you treat life makes ripples that lap into eternity. Choose to live life today and to make a difference in someone else's life. Reach out to, touch, laugh with, cry with, smile at, extend hope to, hug or love someone today.