Friday, December 26, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Fudge Induced Rambling

With a thud, Santa crashed through the chimney. (It would definitely require Santa magic to get through our chimney...which may or may not be here next Christmas....In case you are following our on-going construction saga, Rob is tearing out the ceiling around said chimney today...)

But I digress.

Did he visit you as well? Santa, not Rob.

We gave books as gifts and opened several more. New C.S. Lewis works will take up residence on our shelves, a monster coffee table book about American history now lives here, and even a Max Lucado I haven't read before.

Speaking of books, I'm thinking through my favorites, gearing up for a Top of 2008 list. And I'm reading bits and pieces of books I've started or promised to read for review.

Stay tuned for updates.