Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Kidstory

X-ta asked me in yesterday's comment what I should be called now. 

Well, I have a story. 

After the adoption was final, when the children were invited by the judge to bang the gavel, and the clapping of the 60+ onlookers died down, Daniel came up to me and said, "Kelly!"

I said, "Hey, I'm your forever grandma now. You can't call me Kelly anymore. So how about grandma?" 

He made a face. He's good at those. "Nah!"

"I heard the French word for grandma is ma mere how about that one?"

He shook his head rapidly. I tried again, "Nana?" 

A head tilt and frown. "So what would you like to call me?" I finally asked.

A huge grin replaced the frown. "Poo Poo" 

"You want to call me Poo Poo?" 

His little sister joined him. They both nodded enthusiastically. 

So, X-ta. You can call me Poo Poo!