Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Nailed It!!!!

 Yeah. I know. Nailed it is used for Pinterest fails. But honestly, I am going to reclaim it as a victory chant. 

My 1,000 item declutter, discard, purge is done and done 9 months early.  I haven't been on top of bagging things up since the last big purge for my son's fundraiser garage sale and I had to stop that day without meeting my goal because I'm down to having to become more thoughtful. Yesterday, I decided I was going to finish and finish strong before April 1st dawned. 

So I opened up some cupboards and really looked at a couple of items that have been on my list as the next ones to go. And I asked myself when I was going to use them? How they were enriching my life by hanging out in the closet? Then I wondered out loud how someone else might see those items as a blessing, a joy, a need met, and the decision became easy. Then I looked at my clothes again. I asked each item. Yes. Literally, I asked out loud to some of the more unique and quirky pieces. I forced myself to think of two other items in my closet that could be paired with each item so that I have two potential outfits for each item. Another dozen items couldn't answer that question appropriately so out they went. 

Guess what? I'm not going to quit. I think I need to question all of my belongings. And remember how freeing it is to let something fly away to someone who really needs it.