Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scribble and Scrambles - Random Blather upon Re-entry

Hi, all.

I just returned from
five-point-five solid days of R & R.

This is what is currently jelling in my brain.

1.) Anything is better when viewed near a body of water. (Work with me...no, not swamp water or a large pothole puddle. A real body such as lake, river, ocean, or decent pond.)

2.) Going away without children cuts down on whining, fighting and complaining.

3. ) Things change when you leave town for any extended length of time. The biggest change in my neighborhood would be the newly denuded chunk of land near the warty monogram house on my normal route to work.
Note to builders, land developers and Realtors...if you name a housing development "Hidden Hills" you should probably a) leave the hills and b) leave the trees to HIDE THEM.

4. ) Sometimes all you need to feel writerly is a sweet little notebook to jot things in and a pen.

5. ) Vacations -- when it IS fun to be a grown up.

I'm back and re-energized.

Serials and Scenarios - Wedding Belle Blues

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