Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Under My Skin

Today should be a full day.

Yesterday was as well. It included two long walks in the slightly sticky but beautiful, beautiful weather, a trip to procure a used burnt orange chair for 24's book nook room redo, and eating leftovers for dinner.

Today blooms with the promise of some old-fashioned sweaty good work. It's farm day.

And somehow I'm hooked. Big time.

24 is committed via verbal and written commitment, but I was the substitute helper. I had every intention of not going today. The other helper is back, and, well, they could do it without me. But the day promises to be beautiful, and there is something about the snipping and gathering....the smells, the sounds, the sweat that is getting under my skin.

If I go, the process will be that much quicker and smoother.

And I'm sure I'll have some stories or comments to share with you all so that you feel like you were there, too.

So barring a downpour...I'll have a thing to two to blab about...come back tomorrow.

And Mom and Kim your comments cracked me up. Tell Dad that his remarks on the banana did indeed spark the banana bars. My taste-buds thank him and if he plays his cards right he'll get to taste his inspired dessert sometime.