Monday, December 13, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Ring All the Bells

Ringing My Bells... A Poem to Recite to the tune of Carol of the Bells.

Soup Christmas Eve,
Guests Monday night,
Crafts everywhere,
Menu unknown,
Dust covers all,
Dog hair does, too,
Shopping is done
Or maybe not all,

The season is here,
Stress overwhelms,
Wedding Saturday,
Drama unfolds,
Words to this poem,
Do they work,
Or do they not,
Dry, dishpan hands,
More dishes to do,

No decorations up,
Still need to dust,
Must put things away,
And think about next week
The stuff to be done,
The things to complete,
augh, augh, ding, dong,
clang, bang, whimper

Deep breaths
Candles all lit
Listen to songs
Drink up some tea
Stress isn't gone
But life is what it is...