Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Serials and Scenarios ~ Chris Fabry's Dogwood

I told you I'd get better about going after those interviews...and I will. Cut me some slack. I was on vacation, people. No internet. It was fabulous by the way: ). So I missed Fabry and Bunn (who's latest book will be appearing in the next couple of days, but I promise, I'm back on track. Besides, Fabry will no doubt be writing for adults again.

You can read the first chapter of Dogwood, here. And visit Chris at his blog. As always, click on the book cover for even more info.

My Review:

Chris Fabry's debut adult novel, Dogwood, is a mosaic of humanity, God's grace and the power of love.

Solidly literary fiction with deep, flawed characters and beautiful prose, Dogwood also contains a mystery within the story that adds tension and a deepening plot. Twists and turns fill this multi-first-person POV novel.

The spiritual elements run deep and into moments that teach, however, the characters who do the teaching end up being so compelling that it doesn't feel preachy, but instead feels like wisdom that needs to be savored and pondered and maybe even considered in the life of the reader.

Sensitive readers may want to use caution because the themes in this book are PG-13 and intense.

Days after finishing the story I'm still mulling over and wondering how I feel about situations and information that I was given in my journey to Dogwood. Haunting may be too strong, but I think there will be a shadow that follows me for awhile as I continue to process what I've read.

Even though the characters had great depth, I struggled with finding sympathy or even like for a main character. But I think this is a back-handed compliment because that means this paper and ink "person" got under my skin.

Those who love literary or general fiction, especially the stories that are infused with a touch from God, may find Dogwood to be a very satisfying read. Fabry is a wordsmith and quite a storyteller. I'm looking forward to his next novel.