Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Weekend Hodgepodge

Weekend Report...

Friday, I finally called my phone/DSL provider to complain that the phone service/DSL were fuzzy, crackly and skippy. They said they'd send a technician out to check the problem Saturday afternoon and that someone needed to be there. But Friday afternoon 23 mentions that the repair vehicle was in the driveway and I opened the front door to see the technician clinging to a ladder attached to the side of the house. We chatted. He said that our outside wires were old and easily squirrel compromised and that was probably the problem. That they'd get on it. Great. That freed up Saturday afternoon since Saturday morning was going to be busy. Friday night, after returning home from a Mr. Habitat contest featuring Rob's co-worker, 23 mentions that the internet didn't work. I tried the phone. No signal, no dial tone, no nothing.

Saturday 23 and I helped out at a ladies event where we canned apple pie filling, made caramel apples and apple slaw. And a big mess! (Apple slaw...tasty stuff. Shredded apples and carrots. Then dress with lemon juice, olive oil (almost equal parts but go heavier on lemon juice to cut the overwhelming olive oil taste) salt and pepper to taste and a dash of cumin. Good stuff.

We get home and 23 makes homemade granola. YUM. (recipe to follow sometime) while I retrieve phone voicemail messages from the internal system...the phone system that still doesn't work. There was a message from the phone company telling us that our problem had been successfully handled. Really? So I called and reported all of the above...and finally, it's fixed as of Sunday afternoon.

Then add about seven other things that need to be done and completed before Monday morning begins and I'm behind in doing everything that requires a computer.

And headed for New Mexico soon. So. I'm scheduling a ton of blog posts so I can not even think of computers while I'm gone.