Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Terrible Mother Moment # 263

I am a horrible mother.

You think not. Well let me clue you in.

Today 22, aka my daughter -- incognito, and I took the puppies for a walk. Apparently they had a little go-juice sprinkled over their Wheaties this morning. Now, keep in mind that these are strong dogs in the 70+ pound each range. Boxer Black Lab mixes that are all legs and muscles. Got the picture? Good.

22 has this sweet leash that attaches to both dogs.

She had 140+ pounds of "horse" power in one hand.

Who knows what grabbed their attention? Possibly a bird, a leaf floating lazily on the breeze. Maybe even a wild hair/hare. Whatever it was ended the "nice" part of the walk. All of a sudden 22 got distracted at the exact time that the "team" decided to work as one and take off to visit a neighbor's yard.

If you are a water skier or know water skiing picture this...22 was a skier and the dogs were a speed boat. Her distraction was kind of like a "Hit it!" from the water. From the corner of my eye I saw 22 break into a world-record-destroying sprint." What the heck?" I thought to myself and then realized what had happened.

This is where the terrible mother part comes in. Did I yell at the dogs? (LIKE THAT WOULD HELP !) Did I offer her a helping hand? No, I laughed so hard I bent over double. Did I offer her any sympathy when she slid into home on her hiney? Or when she snapped and put the dogs back under her control? Did I even offer her an alternative to going back home again and changing her pants? No. No, I didn't, I was busy laughing and couldn't speak.

Sorry, 22. tee hee snort. Gotta go.