Friday, July 20, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Cake Walk errr Duck Walk eerrr Goose Walk...

 An unusual sighting, even in the Midwest. 

At dusk, in Omaha, across a major 4 lane intersection...wait, there may be six lanes... This flock of Canada Geese (Actually, I want to call them Canadian Geese, but someone told me that they are Canada Geese, unless, of course, they are actually from Canada, then they could be Canadian Geese.) anyhoo, I digress, these little cute feathery guys crossed said busy street. 

They crossed, a wee bit jaywalky across one side, then stayed smack in the middle of the crosswalk on the busier section of the road. They started crossing on the green, and finished more in the orangey-red tones, and for the most part, traffic was respectful.

One tooter sped the process up a bit. And another impatient traveler squealed out once his path was clear. 

 So, yay, Omaha drivers, you get an A- in patience. 

It was so dang cute. I mean, you can see flocks on the water, in fields, flying overhead. But I have never seen an entire flock hoofing it over the pavement.

This would be a major reason I like living in the Midwest.