Thursday, December 03, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ AUGH!!!!!!!

this is where to bang head
Meh news. 
We have a couple of apartments. 
Bad news. One of the washers bit the dust.  

Good news! Cyber Monday offered a great replacement with great reviews and a very doable price. 

Meh news. I couldn't use PayPal Credit wherein I could get 6 months free interest. 

Good news! I could get Swagbucks for shopping online. 

Good news! There was also a coupon. 
Bad news. The coupon would end up costing me $45.00 because it dropped the price low enough that it didn't qualify for free shipping. 

Good news! I killed the coupon. FREE SHIPPING. 

Good news! If I signed up for the credit card I could get 6 months free from interest! 

Good news! The order completed and I could get on with my life. 

Meh news. I forgot to print the temporary credit card information. But no worries. I only got it to save on interest and to be able to spread it out. 

Bad news! A call on Tuesday. Something was wrong with the order. 

Good news! They were able to fix the order. But what was the credit card number again? 

BAD NEWS! I didn't know. I didn't print or save the STUPID DOCUMENT.

Good news! The credit department might be able to help me. 
Good news! Conference call. 

BAD NEWS! My computer decided to go into upload mode right before I returned the call. 

Good news! A document was sent. I just had to make sure I had up to date Java and Adobe. I didn't. 

Meh news. I was given numbers and the assurance I could call back once I opened the document with my information. I was also given instructions about how to open said hyper-secure pdf. 

Bad news! I half listened. 
Meh news. I used three different computers downloading Java and Adobe's latest to try to open this pdf. It provided my name, the date, my credit limit. The numbers I needed were XXXXXXX'd out. 

Good news! Prepared with the phone call ID numbers I pulled up the document and email on both Rob's and my computers and called. I was put on hold so the very helpful credit department clerk could resend the email with the pdf. She came and went as she was having sloggy computer problems as well. One last time she put me on hold I tried something I hadn't tried before and I opened it. Ten minutes later she reappeared and I told her and thanked her profusely! 

Good news!!!! Hallelujah. Praise the Lord! I had my numbers. 

Trust me at this point 6 months to pay and/or no interest was just about ridiculous and why bother. With our rental income I could write a check right now but I already opened the account. And I had an order sitting out there waiting for those magic numbers. 

Easy as stealing candy from a baby. Right? Smooth sailing!

Meh news: I called the order number telling them that I had my elusive credit account number. 

Bad news: There was a delivery issue since we had a store locally that arranged its own delivery. She'd call the store and have them complete my order over the phone. More bad news: The go-to-guy was not at that department currently. He'd call me back. 

Good news: He called. He had the washing machine available. He could do it all over the phone.  

Bad news: He had NONE of my info. And he was as slow as molasses in the winter. I even offered to go back online with the order. No. No. He'd do it. He said. 
Good news: Finally time for the magic credit card numbers. 

BAD NEWS!: He showed that the ID number needed to be three numbers two letters. I have only three numbers. Good news: He'd head up to the cashiers and call me back. 

BAD NEWS! He called me back. I have to go in and show them my temporary card document because this can't be done OVER THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news. I did print the document. 
Bad news: I wonder if I can get the hours of my life back. Oh yeah. I don't have the proper validation forms for that!