Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Something's Strange

I still don’t exist with the networking guru’s. However, I’ve officially discovered my way around and have unearthed all my necessary files. I feel like I’m exploring the dark side of the moon. Surely, a simple keystroke or magic command exists that will put me back in the good graces of the computer network. Maybe tomorrow.

Why do computers morph and change while humans sleep? Little computer elves who dance on the keys as soon as the cleaning people shut the door?

Nothing has changed for weeks, no updates or system overhauls, nobody spilled a cola on my keyboard. I just logged on Monday and found I ceased to exist.

I think there must be a weird sci-fi novel in there somewhere. Maybe I need to investigate this. I think the rogue computer taking over the world is a bit overdone, so I’ll rule that one out. And elves, shoemakers, Santa Claus and tree house bakeries are not at all hip.

What if it could be malevolent computer snails? A semi carrying keyboards could go through some wicked electrical storm during high snail season. (Does that exist – do snails have a breeding season? How do they multiply? Do I want to know? Someone from the state of Washington may need to provide me with snail facts – any volunteers?) The electrical storm somehow permeates the snail shells and electrifies the snot (sorry) out of them – and they become super snails.

Long, extremely exciting, action-packed yet sensitive story later – they end up in my office to wreak havoc and destruction, one computer frustrated employee at a time.

Wait. I can’t believe I just realized this. Our networkers are located on the Oregon/Washington border. Where snails are plentiful and…… This is big. This is a conspiracccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc….