Friday, July 09, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Of Kitchen Tools and Thought Bubbles

As boring as this kitchen tool is, I think it's one of the most basic and valuable ones we've got.

The old 9 x 13.

And since I've taken a long break between personalities of kitchen tools, I'm revisiting and finishing up my series.

Here are the previous ones. Crock Pot


Wouldn't be fair to leave the cholerics and phlegmatics sitting in a drawer or cupboard somewhere.

Phlegmatic is one of the more disgusting words I've pondered in awhile. Eww. However, the body substance that was chosen is a fairly good picture of this this type of personality. Laid back, but of substance. Enough said.

A phlegmatic is one who will get the job done if the job makes sense or will keep the peace. Laid back to the point of lack of passion sometimes. A phlegmatic will just do what has to be done without a lot of associated drama.

Hence the 9x13. Without a 9x13 where would we cooks be? All our bar and cake recipes would have to be converted and there would often just not be enough. And lasagna? Nothing else can replace this beloved and often used kitchen tool.

As a personality, the phlegmatic is a buffer for the passions that can flair when the choleric and frothing sanguine come around. The phlegmatic also tends to be sensitive and a sounding board when the crock-potting melancholy sits in the corner stewing away. But, just like the other personality types though, a room full of phlegmatics could be a problem. Not much would get done, wars would not be fought, big changes wouldn't be made. It would be the equivalent to a potluck dinner where every item on the table was in a 9 x 13. Row after row of lasagna, jello salads and cake. Okay. But it's nice to find something a little different now and again.