Friday, September 07, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Camy Confesses

Camy Tang stopped in for a visit.... I'm mixing things up color-wise -- you'll understand as you read her comments. : )

Fiction character you would most like to be or most identify with and why?

Anne Elliot from Persuasion by Jane Austen. I love that book. I read it once every few months. Anne has made mistakes in the past, but she holds firm to her principles and morals, and strives to live correctly despite the new disappointments in her life. She’s never preachy or self-righteous, and she gets her man in the end. And that love letter at the end is so passionate, it always makes me tear up (although, granted, I cry pretty easily).

Some out there in writing land have strange rituals. Share yours.

I am a tactile creator—meaning, when I do right brain creative stuff, I like tactile things as my brain works. Unfortunately, that means I eat when I’m writing.

To prevent the over-the-chair-spillage of my thighs, I picked up knitting. So, I knit a little (get the brain juices flowing), then write a little, then when I hit a roadblock I knit some more until I can put my knitting down and write more. It looks very strange, but it works for me.

What crayon in the box describes you on a good day?

Pink! Bad day? Pink! Which one do you aspire to be? Pink pink pink pink pink!

Pick one…..Pink iguana, purple cow, periwinkle giraffe. Which one and why? Can be negative or positive.

PINK! Because I loooooove pink. It’s a rebellion thing—my mother doesn’t like pink, she associates it with Barbie, so I never wore it when I was living at home. But recently I have come to realize that I love pink, and so now I wear and buy pink with abandon. I am reveling in my pinkness.

The iguana I could do without.

What period of history intrigues you the most?

Regency! I love reading Regency romances. Something about the elegance of the times, the sense of rebellion for a woman who marries for love instead of status or money, the political atmosphere with the Napoleonic War in the background—fodder for great romance!

What would you write if there were no rules or barriers? (epic novels about characters in the Bible, poetry, greeting cards, plays, movies, instruction manuals, etc.)

A six-part fantasy series. I’m totally not kidding—I wrote one book (it really sucks) and have the entire plot for a second (which isn’t as bad).

How does something worm its way into your heart? Through tears, truth, humor or other?

Through romance! My favorite books are romances: novels by Jane Austen, Betty Neels, Grace Livingston Hill, Norma Lee Clark, Mary Ann Gibbs. The happy ending always warms me and inspires me to think positively, to love my husband, to love God most of all.

Book, music, person, food you would take with you on a very long trip.

Book—whatever I happen to have as an ebook on my PDA, since I can’t bring as many books as I’d like in my suitcase. LOL
Music—audiobooks. Jane Austen, naturally, but also whatever strikes my fancy.
Person—preferably my husband, Captain Caffeine, but since I mostly travel to writer events, I’m usually flying solo.
Food—my mom makes these peanut butter rice crispy cranberry energy bars that are FABULOUS. They’re just the right size and I can pack them in my bag for a quick treat when I get hungry while at the airport or on a plane.

Where would you most like to travel ----- moon, north pole, deep seas, deserted island, the holy land or back to a place from your childhood, somewhere else? – and why.

The Holy Land—I want to see the places my Jesus walked. That would be so cool.

What is your favorite word?

NO. LOL I’m a rebel at heart.

Thanks for the colorful visit, Camy! Happy weekend, all.