Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Dashing Thru the Fudge

Dashing through the fudge,
in an ugly Christmas sweater,
trying to find "the" gift, 
distracted by the glitter.

Bells in kettle ringers hands,
making spirits divisive,
try to keep upbeat,
someone will complain.

Oh, crazy days, crazy days, will it ever end?
Oh what stress to dash and spin in an overwrought holiday.

Join me in taking a deep breath. Remember that Christmas doesn't have to be insane and disappointing. The more consumerism we buy into the less satisfying it is because it's not about gifts and matching Christmas china and over-the-top recipes. It's about someone. Someone who came as a baby, who lived perfectly and died to give us a gateway to freedom from oppression. Even the oppression of our crazy selves who want desperately to grab all the gusto life has to offer. Life really only comes from accepting the life and gift of Christ and letting Him guide and direct us to become a mini-Him. 

I hope your Christmas season includes moments of wonder and miracles. I pray that you find truth that touches your soul and your heart. I hope you connect with someone you need to spend face time with, and that your days are filled with laughter and memories, fudge and music. I hope your new year is touched with growth and abundant life. Not abundant busyness chasing after life, but the real deal. The kind that cause you to relax into the knowledge that you are not alone and you are desperately loved. 

I'm going to be sporadic the next few weeks while I dash about, or stop and do the things that are important for my sanity. This message should maybe be delivered on Christmas eve, but I wanted to share my thoughts while they were on my heart and in my mind…use em or lose em.