Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Hurricanes Dissected.

In order to understand today's post, you need to scroll down and read The Winds Will Blow below.

This Hurricane situation is an interesting study in human nature.

First. The lengths many of us will go to to make peace or find solutions is fascinating. The majority of our Hurricane smoothie think tank was willing to compromise the original intention of the design. The Hurricane was an ice cream based fruit smoothie. But in order to avoid some work, or discomfort we were willing to call something else "The Hurricane." I don't like the idea of taking this into the spiritual realm (because it's convicting), but we do this with huge spiritual matters and life and death decisions as well, don't we?

Then there was the "my way or the highway" kind of thinking. "I won't bend over and make this drink" and the "if it's on the board, it better be available" mindset. Hmmm. Do we ever have those attitudes within our families or church?


The next thing that jumps out at me...reactive vs. proactive thinking. Reactive...not my job... "Someone needs to erase The Hurricane." Someday and someone else. Until it's done just keep covering up the issue with whatever sounds the best.

Proactive. When the drink is a dud, erase it.

But then what would we debate?

Finally, and maybe the most interesting. The loss of The Hurricane as an option suddenly made The Hurricane a focal point, an item that made our mouths water, something we never knew we needed now gone from our lives, and something we all of a sudden miss or need.

Why is it we sometimes want only items not available to us? Grass is greener syndrome? Grass smoothie? Hmmm. I wonder if I should run that through the think tank?

Here's to a hurricane-free day. In all senses of the word. Unless someone comes up with a brilliant Hurricane idea and then climbs up on the ladder and writes it back on the board. Don't see that happening any time soon. Seeing that the erasure of The Hurricane era took nearly three years.