Monday, January 06, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Trip Review

Twin Cities…Minneapolis and St. Paul thoughts.

Seeing the world through baby eyes...
Do I recommend Minnesota in January? Well, it's going to be 23 degrees BELOW zero today. Nuff said? 

While we were there last week we did have some warm indoor fun.

At the Chatterbox we ate black bean burgers among other things and played a rousing game of Scrabble. 

We visited the science museum for the first time.

Newborn baby glasses...
Not wearing baby glasses, just shades...
We've visited the history museum, the art museum on previous trips over the years. 

I was a little "meh" about the science museum. I hate to admit that, but it just wasn't all that exciting. If I had little kids along, it would've been a different story. There are dinosaurs and fascinating exhibits that are geared toward kids. The interesting bits for me… a demonstration involving fire that toad boy would've loved back in the day. & and I played around with glasses that gave us the perspective of a newborn baby and magnified our eyes. Note to new parents, get in your baby's face if you want them to see you, seriously, six inches is about as far as they can see. There was a mummy exhibit with a CT scan and interesting mummy facts.  

The negative aspects for us beside the lack of kids, we had to stand in the indoor line queue for an hour just to get into the museum. And the cost was up there, too, $13.00 for just the basic exhibits and $10.00 to park. Overall, I would recommend the art museum for the cost as well as the pretties…when we went it was free. I'd also recommend the history museum because of the diverse areas that appealed to kids and adults at a few dollars a head cheaper. 

Michelle always loves to try out new recipes when we visit so we always eat well and way too much. She did tone it down a bit and offer a leftover night. I came home with some new recipes that are delicious, including falafel and vegan tzatziki sauce.

We also managed to slip in a visit to Comedy Sportz. At $14.00 a piece it's pricey but worth it for the two hours of LOL fun. They are ridiculous and funny. 

I wouldn't venture out to Minneapolis today. But, it's definitely worth a visit especially if you know any good cooks/hostesses. If you offer me enough of a finder's fee I'll even hook you up with Michelle's contact info.