Monday, January 11, 2010

Scribble and Scrambles ~Ear Wax My Eye

Last week Rob's eyes were giving him some grief since he'd been working so hard on the drywall he slapped up for his new office and my new living room. Drywall dust, lack of sleep, you know the drill.

So he thought he'd go ahead and drop some soothing eye drops into his bleary and scratchy eyes.

Who'd a thunk that the bottle of ear wax soften
er would look exactly like the bottle of eye drops?


So he drops a dollop into each eye....and begins to realize his mistake when the pain. The PAIN ! kicks in. Through squinty little slits he reads the reality of his error. Then commences rinsing under the faucet for a very long time, mentally kicking himself for the bad decision. The burningly now clear bad decision.

Good news...the many minutes of rinsing coupled with the like-a-baby crying definitely got all the wax out of his eyes though. However, his first complaint worsened a bit during his unhealthy little detour.

When I got home, I noticed that his eyes looked REALLY bloodshot. But I didn't say anything. He was working with lots of dust. I didn't want to be mean. Then 23 mentioned that she'd been there when he'd grabbed the wrong bottle. A truly good wife would not have laughed. I'm obviously not a truly good wife.

And he's nice enough to let me tell the whole world. Note to all of you, before putting anything in your eyes, read the label first. Unless, of course, you have earwax in your eyes. Then go for it. But I'm planning on hiding the Q-Tips.