Saturday, January 05, 2008

Serials and Scenarios - Best of 2007 Part 2

I've compiled my list of favorites from the 111 books I read and reviewed in 2007. I just posted my list of favorites at Amazon. If you want to see my "Listmania List" just click.

I added a few more comments to my already posted reviews.

If you don't want to click, I'm going to give you my list in black and white.

Best Fantasy

2nd place - The Restorer
1st place - A Hideous Beauty

Best Chick-Lit

2nd place - All the Tea in China
1st place - Hazardous Duty

Best Women's Fiction

Doesn't She Look Natural?

General Fiction

Tie - In High Places
Tie - The Heir


They Betrayed


3rd place - The Void
2nd place tie - Crimson Eve and Black Ice
1st place - Deadfall




Laugh Out-Loud - Guide to Pirate Parenting
Practical and Hopeful - Parenting by the Book

Outstanding Fiction

2nd place - Demon: A Memoir
1st place - A Bigger Life

If you've not read these, check into them. If you don't have book budget for 2008 yet by all means check with your public library.