Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Paws for a Lesson

While reading my Bible today, I had the special privilege of having a bit of a lesson mauled into my very soul. ( I'm currently trying to type very, very quietly because the maulers are laying on the floor, dozing in the sun. Should they awaken, who knows what will appear in this post.It takes a lot of energy to lick all exposed skin from an entire human being. Especially if you have to bite and wrestle with your sister while doing so. Oh, and sniff the cats while playing keep-away-from-the-claws.)

It occurred to me when I pushed a furry muzzle out of my biznes only to have another insert itself, that maybe, I should look at the enthusiasm of our resident canines as a model for my spiritual walk.

Lily will chase down a blessing. The girl is pure Pentecostal. I'm a little jealous. I tend to be a little more like Lola who could be considered a frozen chosen. But Lily, if she was in a church wherein she could wear diaphanous dresses and waltz through the sanctuary while laying-on-of-hands and singing praises at full volume, she would, without hesitation. She would wrestle with God until He gave her a blessing or a biscuit. Unfortunately, Lily does kind of think grace is cheap. She uses it all up and counts on the promise of God's mercies being new every morning.

Lily also needs loads of concrete reinforcements, i.e. "Go pee-pee and get the treat. Look Lily, smell it, yummy treat, now go pee-pee. Just go pee-pee. Nope, not enough, go again. Good Girl!!!! Yay!!!!"

Lola, though a little more reserved does have a servant's heart. She is very content to stand back and let Lily bask in all the attention. She also is more inclined to obey just out of loyalty and love.

I'd like to be a spiritual blend of both. A Lola with a greater sense of abandon and the heart deep knowledge that God does want to bless me and it's okay to ask.

Tomorrow, Feral's spiritual condition. (Beyond the name, that is.)