Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Is Acknowledging My Crazy as Crazy the First Step ?

eager recipe tester
I have a twisted tendency to over do. My mom, when she reads this is going to agree. 

See, before Rob's knee melted down I decided to host a little workshop at my church that will help newbies figure out how to add kale, flax and quinoa to their lives. A blurb would go into the bulletin asking the interested to let me know and I had a plan to teach hands on and then we'd eat our yummy experiments. I half anticipated that there would be next to no-one interested in this little adventure. But now that I have a dozen plus coming, I'm thoroughly committed. 


It's completely my own. I could have yanked the announcement or rescheduled due to Rob's knee issue. Or I could show up with a bag of kale, a bag of quinoa and some ground flaxseed cookies and a few recipes to take home. This thing is under my control. 

But I want to make a Kale Pesto White Bean soup. And Rosemary Onion Quinoa flatbread. Mocha Peanut Butter Quinoa No Bakes, two kinds of homemade kale chips. Oh, and popped quinoa rice krispy treats. And a thai quinoa salad. Flaxseed cookies and.... 

Of course, these ideas are going to be something I'm going to have to at least pre-test because I'm just not content with one thing showcasing each of these ingredients. There have to be options. Lots of options. And I love to experiment and mess around with food so I'm not even going to just find a recipe and see if we can recreate it. I'm going to make this adventure fun for me. 

Good news, I have made the flat bread, just not the onion and rosemary version. And kale pesto and quinoa no bakes but those need to be tweaked. I do have bar recipes made with flax eggs, so I think those won't be an issue, maybe I won't even be tempted to veer. And honestly, I'm spending time at home with the man, so it's not a real big deal. 

No doubt you will see some recipes and hear some ridiculous feedback from the event.