Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles .... uhhhh of Mugs, Steps and Dogs

One of my mugs...I think. I have a few. She has a few more than a lot. But. Who doesn't love a good mug?

I might be what you would call punchy. 

But, I'm thinking if you are a regular reader, you might be used to that. 


I spent this weekend doing a whole lot of packing, hauling and unpacking. 

Did you know it's possible to have a mug collection that fills five boxes or three cabinet shelves? Did you know that it's possible to have enough art work for a three bedroom apartment in a single bedroom? Did you know that when you offer to help someone move you might want to ask for a step count. A second floor bedroom moving to a second floor apartment = a step count of many, many.

However, since the person I was helping to move was my last fledgling to leave the nest, busy, busy, busy and steps, steps, kept the emotion from bubbling over. 

And missing the dogs becomes less of an issue when said dogs disappeared into the woods and found an animal carcass to munch on while I was trying to get to work. Just sayin. I love those granddogs, but I will not miss the naughty and/or disgusting behaviors. For sure.