Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Science and Martha Collide

We've spent the last few days enjoying sunshine and warmth. And when we aren't doing that we are chopping, slicing and dicing. (Okay, the picture implies that the dogs are involved in this as well. They are, but since they lack opposable thumbs they mostly stand and drool waiting for the next tidbit to fall.)

I'm doing my Martha Stewart thing again. Not the cleaning the closets (which need that in the worst way) but the food Martha.

I'm trying recipes like crazy and I can't leave them alone and just try them. I have to tweak them. I'm compelled to tweak them.

And I stunk at science. Which means we are eating some seriously interesting specimens of failed natural laws. But, then one will work and I then have to look at my scribbled chicken scratchy notes and decipher what I did right.

My current madness will end soon as I have a deadline. However, the closet/cupboard compulsion looms. After all, we are entering the holiday season and we will have guests.