Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Blossoming Dismay

My daughter, 22 as she’s known around the Dregs water cooler, is a major fan of The Office and as she is so enthusiastic in her appreciation, I’ve become a fan, too. She has purchased all four seasons on DVD and is now the proud owner of the board and DVD games.

Her plan is to throw an office party during the blah months of January/February and is preparing with lists, SWAG (stuff we all get) menus and trivia loading. To test her skills she challenged a friend to an Office-off. To get into the mood, several of us drove to Chili’s (home of several Office memorable moments). For days I’ve been hearing all about the Awesome Blossom appetizer that we’d order.

Last night she whipped through the menu – no Awesome Blossom. The waitress appeared and 22 said. “ It’s not on the menu, but you still have it, right?” The waitress adopted a sorrowful look. “No, I’m sorry, we don’t serve it anymore.”

22’s lip nearly quivered. “But I was going to order it and tell you to add some extra awesome.”

The waitress laughed.

Then 22 got over it – she is, after all, kind of like her mom. Being the cause of laughter is possibly even better than an Awesome Blossom with extra awesome. And after looking for a picture and seeing the nutritional details, way better for us. Yikes.