Monday, October 29, 2007

Serials and Scenarios -The Return

This will be a review intensive week at the Dregs. For those of you who aren't so into the book reviews/interviews, hang in there. I'll think of something off-the-wall that will hopefully entertain you. So stay in touch. Besides, you might find something that will interest you.

My first review of the week is The Return. You can click on the book cover to be directed to Amazon for more information. Or visit Austin Boyd's website by clicking here.

Austin will be dropping in (ha, ha, his book is about space, hee, hee) later with an interview. You won't want to miss that.

My Review:

I need to go on record here...I'm not a sci-fi lover. So when I picked up The Return, the next book on my stack not knowing what to expect and turned to the first scene set on Mars, date 2020, I nearly choked.

This novel is 460 pages long, give or take a few.

But, I had committed to reading the book and writing a review. And since I try to find good things to say in my reviews, I was a little concerned that I could find something good at all to praise.

Then I started reading.

Well done, Mr. Boyd.

Boyd nails character, story and believability. I'll admit that there were a few techie spots that I skimmed. Seriously, details on titanium from Russia and DNA strands and windows for rocket launch do nothing for me. But I was seriously impressed with Boyd's skill with characterization, plotting and his solid and sometimes beautiful writing style. He takes the reader to Mars through the mind of a grieving astronaut and into the thoughts and heart of a confused fifteen year old girl, as well as another dozen or so characters throughout this novel.

After a few paragraphs I turned the book over and read all about Austin. Talk about a techie genius...Yikes. But a techie genius who writes poetry.

Not only has he mastered the basics, he has a great touch with realistic spirituality. Though Christian conversions happen within this novel, they are thoughtful and believable and lack the platitudes that have bothered those who complain about unrealistic pie-in-the-sky Christian fiction.

I'm not going to suggest that those who detest sci-fi run out and grab a copy. But I will suggest that anyone who likes a great story check further into Austin Boyd.

Very, very impressed, Austin Boyd.